Taking Back The Food Supply ~ Why You Should Join A Food Co-op!

  So I have been thinking about food lately.  A LOT.  Obsessing maybe.  Cuz here's the thing - 80% of the American food supply is contaminated.  Whether it be GMOs,  pesticides,  growth hormones or other weird added chemicals.  It takes some serious work and self education to escape these things and find REAL FOOD.  We can't just trust that "the powers that be" wouldn't knowingly poison us (ahem tabacco companies).   A multitude of modern ills are being connected to the foods we eat. Cancer, gastrointestinal disease, severe food allergies and much much more.  These problems are stemming specifically from processed foods and animal products. These are two excellent and educational films that I highly recommend watching on the subject~ Forks Over Knives and Genetic Roulette.  Watch Them- SERIOUSLY.

  The question is -  How to we shop and eat safe food?  Well the answer is this- Either you buy everything organic at a health food store, or you grow it yourself.   It's not cheap but I read a quote once that said organic food may not be cheap but it costs a heck of a lot less than Cancer.

  Another fantastic option is joining a food co-op.  A food co-op is basically a collectively owned organic grocery store.  There are many kinds of food co-ops but most of them you join by paying a membership fee and then pay for a "box" of organic local produce weekly or as often as you need it.  Your boxes contents will vary by season and availability which forces you to be creative with each weeks yummy fruit and veggie contents.  Food co-ops are often less expensive than retail and also connect you with other like minded people.  I was lucky enough to find one very near me to pick up our share but many co-ops have a doorstep delivery option as well.

  Because our household is only my husband and myself even the half share box at our co-op is too much for us to eat in a week so we are sharing the cost and the contents with my parents.

 For just $25 here is what we got this week-

4 Apples
A Pear
3 Oranges
A Pint Of Blueberries
A Giant Tomato
1 Avocado
1 Kiwi
Half A Bunch Each Of Dill, Beets,  Bok Choy, Spinach, Purple Kale, Romaine Lettuce & Red Lettuce

And I didn't even take half this week!  Our food co-op is called RawFully Organic, you can check it out HERE.

I totally recommend joining a food co-op in your area if you haven't already. 

It's time we take the food supply back from greedy corporations who couldn't care less if they are making us sick.

Power To The People!


  1. I totally agree......for as long as we have organic farmers to buy from. Since a lot of food is pollinated through insects and/or wind, I wonder how long it will be before GMO foods have contaminated organic farms. Sadly it is already happening.

  2. Yikes, such a sad thought isn't it? I just hope it isn't too late to turn things around and that Mother Nature can somehow withstand the blows being dealt to her...


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