Bri Emery's Happy Delicious Living/Dining Space

Emily Henderson Designs

The Home Of Bri Emery (the lady behind Designlovefest)
 Designed By Emily Henderson
Shot By Laure Joliet

Wow!  I'm super excited to have come across images of this amazing living and dining space makeover today.  I'm in Luuuv.  I had to share here immediately! The eclectic mix of vintage pieces, plant life and gorgeous color and texture is so yummy! When you check out the before image it's just So inspiring to see what a plain white room can become.  It's truly a soul-full space that just emanates happy!  The perfect Spring time kick off inspo post! 

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs

Emily Henderson Designs-Before

Emily Henderson Designs

* Also I would like to say Thank You for your wonderful and supportive comments on my last post.  It's good to know ya'll are out there!  More on that subject coming soon...


New Direction~A Little Piece Of Green On GypsyYaya

    Until now my blog has mostly been about posting beautiful visual inspiration only.  I don't write much,  I don't really express my political opinions or make any social commentary.  I haven't really wanted to,  until recently. 
    As you probably have gathered (if you are a regular reader) that I'm a natural kinda gal.  I try to consume as little as possible and thrift and re-use where ever I can.  And that's about the extent that I have talked about my lifestyle. I feel that I would like to share more,  and hear more of your opinions.  On subjects like natural foods,  home remedies,  gardening and the like.  Things that are part of my daily life that I don't really share with ya'll. 
    The subject that finally pushed me to want to do this is the access to and availability of organic and 'safe' food.  I have read several articles lately about the awful chemicals in our food and water supply that were published in the more mainstream press, I'm happy to see this subject finally really reaching the public eye.  In the past I have steered away from this subject (outside my circle) for risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist,  since many people simply trust that the FDA wouldn't lie to us.  But now I think it's something I can't shut up about any longer. 
    I'm not going to rant and rave or be a downer.  Rather I would like to talk about solutions.  About the small ways and big ways that we are improving our quality of life,  the health of ourselves and of our planet.  I would like to exchange these ideas and provide a little place on this blog as an outlet for those of us on this road together. 

    For my first post I would like to share some "Urban Utopia" images as a start.  Just some inspiration in the direction of how we can thrive even in small cramped spaces with limited resources.  I know not all of us live in the city but most do and I would like spread the idea that city living doesn't have to be about accepting the concrete jungle.  Gardening our own limited spaces is just the beginning,  re-thinking how public spaces are used in a beautiful instead of just a utilitarian way is the ultimate goal...
    I believe our health and happiness are closely connected to the amount of green space we have access to in our lives as well as to fresh and organic foods.  I hope ya'll are inspired by these images and if you don't have a garden yet,  maybe you'll start a basil plant on the windowsill...and start from there!  Thanks for listening ya'll, I would love to hear your feedback!



A-Frame Love

 I am currently having what you could call a mild obsession with vintage A-Frame houses.  The fascination for tiny old cottages, cabins, caravans and hippie homes is always there but A-Frames are definitely at the forefront at the moment.  It all started (or re-started) when I saw this image on Pinterest...

I fell in love with this tiny run down beauty.  I just itch looking at it, how I would love to get my hands on it and fix it up.  The setting is just perfect too!  It would be my artist oasis in the woods.  I can just imagine tea in the early morning sun on the tiny balcony above.  I die! 
 Seeing this place got me to thinking about some other A-Frames I have had a love affair with.  This being my first probably...

My cousin and I spent hours playing with this set.  We loved it.  I remember every detail of it distinctly.
  Would it be weird if I bought a vintage one for myself now, just so I could have it? I really want it.
There was also an A-Frame house I remember sneaking to as a kid.  Every summer we would go to a family cottage at a lake.  Us kids would sneak through the woods to explore the next place over.  It was a 70s A-Frame overlooking the lake.  Too-Cool and nobody was ever there.  It used to drive me nuts.  I always wanted to get inside.  Something along these lines...

A-Frames just have a feeling of whimsical romance don't they?  And their super rad lines and aesthetics are soooo up my alley. So much vintage groovy-ness!  Here's a couple more cuties for eye candy sake...

At least you know I'm doing something productive with my time ;)
Later guys