Getting Back In The Groove & Fresh New Gypsy Curtains!

 I'm back! I have been hopelessly busy scrambling to get back into the flow of things after our trip to New Orleans (which was fabulous btw and I have pictures to prove it coming soon). 
Babylon Sisters it seems has been equally busy creating new and amazing Gypsy Curtain designs that I must share with ya'll...Warning-they don't last long so snap em' up while you can!
The first and second last pairs are my faves, what about you?

Tribal,Global, Hippie Curtains
American Beauty

Tribal,Global, Hippie Curtains

Tribal,Global, Hippie Curtains
Azure View

Tribal,Global, Hippie Curtains
Away From Here

Tribal,Global, Hippie Curtains
La Fee Verte

Tribal,Global, Hippie Curtains
Gypsy Woman


Off To New Orleans...

  I will never again take a single aspect of New Orleans for granted.  After being displaced by Hurricane Katrina I have not missed a single Mardi Gras and never intend to again.  Although I have lived for the most part in Houston since the storm, I take every chance I get to go home and enjoy all the beauty of NOLA. we go.  For the next week you most likely won't hear much from me. I will be partaking in all the decadence and debauchery I can handle. Follow me on INSTAGRAM to see what I'm up to in the mean time ;) See ya'll when I get back!

  I'm sure I will come back with loads of images to share (the above pictures are of Carnival past) and plenty of inspiration.

  I also have loads of fabulousness coming to the SHOP soon. Shipping will be delayed until Friday the 15th, when we return.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!!!!