Beautiful Bohemian Bathrooms

  I have been thinking a lot about my bathroom decor.  For one-since we've moved back to Houston
 from New Orleans, our new place now has 2 1/2 bathrooms (I know the Luxury  right?).
Quite a departure from the historic homes I usually gravitate towards. 
 So now I have to decorate 3 spaces instead of one (poor me). 

  For two- although the new place does have some groovy 70s vibes, 
the bathrooms are beige boxes with no windows and zero character. Blech.

 The photos below are of my bath in Nola, so much light and vintage details...Easy to work with.  
By the time I left it was a jungle in there, like a soothing outdoors spa-like experience.
 So you see my frustration. It's proving to be difficult recreating the same feel. 

  The photos above are my inspiration for the new rooms. 
The first two are ideas for the guest room, hippie and fresh.

  The second two are the direction I'm going with our bedroom suite 
(a little romantic and vintage with a nod to New Orleans).

  The last two are ideas for the main bath downstairs, greens and blues with some global touches.
 That all may get scrambled but I hope to end with something I love.
 Wish me luck! 


Oh! And P.S. I plan on posting some pictures of the finished spaces-so stay tuned!
Hasta Luego~

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