Bohemian Christmas Table Settings

 Just dropping in to share some photos that are inspiring my holiday tablescapes this year.  As always with a bohemian flare... Lots of texture, layers of fabrics, vintage dishware and plenty of twinkling candlelight. And of course, to top it all off I'll be adding roses for romance and gilded pine cones and deliciously scented greenery.
 My husband and I are holding our first Winter Solstice holiday party this year and we hope to make it a yearly tradition for both of our families. I love the chance to create a beautiful atmosphere of celebration! Gathering the vintage bits and pieces to make everything extra special is such a thrill for me. I know I'm a bit mental when it comes to these things. And although I may be spreading myself a bit thin with a newborn baby I can't help but go over the top with decorating. Anything worth doing is worth over doing. Am I right? Hey, we have this one life. Why not?

The party is this Saturday, so photos of my little soiree will be here shortly after. I'm SO feeling plaid this year btw. It must be the Scottish in me, I can't resist a little tartan.

Oh and if it seems like my posts are a bit rushed, that's because they are ;) I'm likely nursing while typing or juggling a baby in one arm and wiping up spit up with the other. Glamorous I know. But I'm here, That's what matters right? Right

  See Ya'll Soon


Gift Ideas For The Maximalist

Gypsy Soul Mug
Verabel  Locket
Floral Weekender Bag
Vintage Russian Shawl IPhone Sleeve
Mercedes Lagunas Print
Gypsy Garden Calender
Some unique gifts to be found outside the malls and big box stores, 
that the bohemian lady in your life is sure to love!



15 Fabulous Vintage Dresses for the Holidays! (For Around $50)

   I absolutely ADORE the chance to dress up and get all fancy for the holidays.  Don't you?  And now that my baby bump is (mostly) gone I'm itching to get into some fabulous vintage frocks.  I relish any chance to get creative with style and budget.  Finding a perfect, one of a kind vintage piece for cheap makes me absolutely MENTAL (in a good way).  Also is it just me or is everything in the stores getting junkier and not any cheaper?  Forget that.
   I found these vintage holiday dresses on ETSY all for around 50 bucks and they are far more interesting and unique than anything I've seen in stores.  Plus, buying clothes online sure beats battling the holiday rush and with THIS guide to measuring yourself,  it makes finding your size a piece of cake!  Oh, and nobody will be wearing the same dress at the party, or probably EVER.  Yah.  I'm feelin' it with number 3, 10 and 12.  How bout y'all ?

Find these beauties here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15.



She's Here!

  As ya'll may have guessed,  my reason for being MIA on the blog here is of the best kind;  the birth of our daughter!  We have been relaxing and recovering in our nest for the past three weeks but can't hold back sharing her with ya'll any longer. So here she is! My sweet love- Storey Mae. She is the ultimate reason for existing and I cry happy tears every day just looking at her. We are so blessed to have her here, happy and healthy! Life really rocks, ya know?
  So hang in there with me guys, I'll be back to regular posting as soon as we figure out how to stop baby gazing 24 hours a day.  I wish I was one of those types that had blog posts prepared ahead of time for ya'll. But I'm just not the scheduled type ;) Be back soon. I promise.



Babylon Sisters Boho Bed Canopies Are Here! AND-

  My Mom and I have been avid treasure hunters ever since I can remember.  Visiting thrift stores, rummage sales, estate sales, flea markets and antique shops is just in our blood.  Our favorite finds have always been anything vintage, bohemian or global...but most of all ~TEXTILES.  Especially textiles that embody these three key things {bohemian, vintage & global}.  When we find a beautiful piece, we can't leave it behind.  We just can't.  And so over time we have done some serious hoarding.  Errr- collecting of some truly fantastic vintage fabrics.  Things like gypsy scarves, kitschy tablecloths, glittering saris, romantic hankies and antique lace, just to name a few.
  This led us to thinking~ What ever are we going to do with all of this gorgeous fabric?  It needs to be displayed.  It needs a home, and a purpose.  It needs to be somehow useful and create joy and beauty in someone's space instead of wasting away out of sight.
   My Mother is an AMAZING seamstress and can make anything one dreams of into a perfectly crafted reality.  So we thought...let's create curtains! Curtains that create an air of whimsy and magic. Curtains sewn with layer upon layer of soulful and shimmering fabrics to billow in the breeze. Curtains that are made up of the pieces collected while on our travels to far flung places. It was the perfect way to create something both beautiful and useful with these textiles that we knew were waiting to be born into something.  Then one day that something became Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtains.
  The curtains have been the perfect answer to our vintage fabric obsession. But why stop there? We have been busy thinking of more ways to incorporate these creations into home decor.  Bed canopies have long been a favorite and we have always created our own by "pinning here and pinning there" to achieve a bohemian tented bed oasis. Then another idea was born! Hand sewn Gypsy Bed Canopies!
  Vintage sari's lend themselves perfectly to this use with their vivid jewel tones, glittering embellishments and whispy yet decadent materials. This is the first Gypsy Bed Canopy of many. Soon to come will be more color combinations and variations like fringe, bells and mirrors {to jingle and shimmer in the candlelight} sewn into the folds of fabric.

What do ya'll think? Can you imagine your bed swathed in layers of bohemian gypsy goodness? I can! I hope to be on the list for one soon!
Before I forget, a few details~ The canopies will be made to fit over a Queen or King Size bed interchangeably. We eventually will also be making a version to suit a daybed or twin sized bed (perfect for dorms). They come with ribbons sewn to the top four corners so you can hang them easily with four ceiling hooks and even adjust the height to your liking. Visit the ETSY shop here to shop canopies, curtains and creations to come!
And as you may have guessed- No baby yet! 


Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtain Update & News!

In My Tribe
   As y'all who visit here on a regular basis already know, my Mom is the genius talent behind Babylon Sisters Gypsy Curtains.  She hand sews each pair with carefully chosen vintage scarves and textiles; every pair is completely unique and one of a kind.  These are a few of her latest mind blowing creations that I just had to share.  Some are two panel sets and some are shower curtains for your bohemian bath. Annnndd...rumor has it, she will soon be stocking Gypsy Bed Canopies!  Yah.  I know.  Imagine your bed tented in all this glittering, gypsy goodness!  If you see a pair you can't live without, be forewarned, they don't last long, so snap em' up while you can.  And keep your eyes peeled for her new creations.  I will be sure to share here as soon as they hit her ETSY shop! 

Dream Merchant

Seven Spanish Angels

Whispering Wind

Farewell To Storyville


Open Shelvin' In The Kitchen & Other Rental Kitchen Ideas


No baby yet guys, we've got exactly a week till' our due date and it looks like we'll be making it there, at least.  Baby seems perfectly content to chill a little longer in the womb while Mamma redecorates.
I've been working on my dining/kitchen/weird breakfast nook turned pantry space for a while now and it {finally} seems to be falling together.  While scrolling through my saved kitchen inspo pictures today I realized I really have a thing for open shelving instead of upper cupboards in the kitchen.  I love the feeling of openness it gives while showing off all your pretty dishes (why hide them away?)
Although I certainly can't tear out the cabinets in my present rental, I think I can semi create the look.  I may even remove come cupboard doors to open up my teeny tiny galley kitchen visually. I've already gotten my husband to build me some simple open shelves and plan to add a few more to display pottery, glassware and hang pots and pans. I just love kitchens where you can see all the lovely cooking instruments. It makes it look so much more inviting and kitcheny. Why accept that we have to have perfectly matching and expensive floor to ceiling kitchens in a box? I prefer to think outside the cupboard ;)






I also plan on creating a "backsplash" behind the shelf above the sink (and possibly in the back of the upper cupboards as well) with some rental friendly removable paper. Cost Plus World market has some gorgeous gift wrap options that can be mounted on a removable panel with mod podge.  For mega cheap, you can have plenty of impact and could even switch them out as often as your heart desires.
Back soon with updates! Come to think of it, in our last place we added open shelving as well and I loved it! Here's a picture I found of them in our Creole Cottage kitchen in New Orleans below. Kinda cute huh?




That Summer Feelin'


   I've been a very bad little blogger as of late- I know. But! With a babe on the way in 3 weeks or so I have an excuse okay.  I'm in lunatic nesting mode, redecorating, organizing and cleaning every inch of our space. Updating and stocking my ETSY shop so it can autopilot for a few weeks. While at the same time trying to wrap my head around the cloth diapering thing, preparing some healthy whole foods to freeze, making a point of staying fit and getting all the sweet little baby necessities on the ready. I plan on being the most prepared Mamma possible for downtime with our new snugglebug when she gets here.

   So, I'm keeping y'all inspired with this pretty little board of tropical color. No-I'm not ready to let Summer go. One reason being, Summer is SO not over yet here in Houston and the other being, I feel like I've missed most of it.  My only complaint of my entire pregnancy is that I can't stand the heat. I'm normally a lover of the heat, the hotter the better, but lately I just can't hack it. So now that it's cooled down to 85-90 degrees as opposed to 100 degrees plus- I plan on taking advantage of that Summa Feelin' while I can. Maybe we'll even squeeze one last trip to the beach in before the chill sets in.  

  In other news, we decided to take the plunge and buy a juicer. We've been drinking watermelon juice all Summer long made in the blender (see how here) with watermelons from our Rawfully Organic Food Co-op, so we decided to take the next step. Fresh juices are oh so good for the bod and delicious too. Once I have figured out some yummy concoctions I will definitely share. 

  Whew, I feel like I have a million things to do now! Off to get some of it done and hopefully I will slow down and take some pictures along the way for ya'll :)

Hasta Luego



Tiny Home In Topanga Canyon~Fab Craigslist Find!

  I have always had a thing for tiny houses, so when I came across this listing for a 140 sqft tiny home on wheels for sale in LA I had to share.  I'm no where near LA but this tiny home for sale in Topanga Canyon sparked my inspiration in a major way.  It's amazing how such a tiny house can be so functional and peaceful.  It has everything one might need on a day to day basis and the added bonus of no huge mortgage payment...which means no slaving at a 9-5 to pay for it.  WIN-WIN.  You can take it anywhere you like, or keep it parked on this lovely piece of land... Dreamy non?
Not sure if it's still up for grabs, but here's the listing link on Craigslist.  Read the description, it gets even better...

" Two artists re-locating and selling our tiny home on wheels! This is a cabin built on a 7x20 ft trailer bed. You can tow it with a truck and do not need a special permit to tow it. Great for someone looking to downsize their lives, or for those who would like to use it for rental income, a guest house, or for camping. 
OR...we currently rent the land it's on for $700/mo including electric & water. If you were interested in buying the cabin from us then keeping the set-up and renting the spot from our landlord, we could introduce you to him before purchasing. In which case, we could just leave everything as it is and you could move right in. It's a little slice of heaven here. An LA paradise. Very private with a big yard. Located right in the canyon, but close to the beach and everything the city has to offer.
Similar to a tumbleweed tiny house (, but it's hand built with eco friendly, re-claimed materials and costs much less. Has a big kitchen sink, a beautiful talavera vessel bowl bathroom sink, nice sized shower with a wonderful Rinnai propane water heater, washer, and good sized fridge. (We use a counter top hot plate and convection oven for food preparation, but also have a small stove/oven that would fit if you're interested in that). There are two lofts, one for sleeping and one for storage. The house is well insulated and it doesn't take much at all to heat and cool it. The window air conditioner is included. We use an electric-run SunMar compost toilet, but moved it to an outdoor structure because it has a fan that runs 24/7 and we didn't like hearing the fan noise all the time. You could have the compost toilet, or have a regular toilet put in.
It's a very cozy place with rustic elegance. If you were to rent it out you could make a nice monthly income off of it (especially in Topanga!). It's a creative alternative to a traditional RV, too.
Please e-mail if seriously interested. We are asking $34,000 for the house or best offer.
In the photos, you will notice there is an outdoor living room area off the side of the house. That is just something we built off of the house, but it is not portable and would have to be detached if moving the house. If you wanted to reconstruct it, we could give you the materials for you to do so. "




Inspirational Etsy Photos ~ Nalini Shop

  A while back I shared a post about shop photography on Etsy and how it can be such a wonderful source of inspiration. Sellers on Etsy are talented in so many ways and often their photos alone are worth the search.
  Today while looking through some Etsy shops over my morning smoothie, I found these fantastically gypsy bohemian photos from Nalini, a European handmade clothing shop. They certainly fit the bill for inspirational Etsy shop photos and more!  These images are mostly from sold items in Nalini's shop, but I still had to share them with y'all for their creativity and styling.  The location, props and model are perfection!  Not only do they make me want every stitch of clothing in this shop but I want to be in the place of the model surrounded by those beautiful things!  Although most of the clothing pieces pictured here are sold,  she still has plenty of beautiful items for free spirits up for grabs.
                                                   You can visit Nalini Shop here. Enjoy!


Insta-Home Preview

My living space before and after. What a difference replacing carpet with wood laminate and rugs makes!

The wood floors make it look more the way it was meant to in the 70's (the peacock chair helps too)

A favorite thrift find- my scarlet boudoir chair. A steal for $30!

Some plant & vintage filled vignettes

The beginnings of my dining/kitchen/pantry/bar space (it's complicated)

Another view of the living area

  I'm sharing some pictures today of our little hippie house in the city. When we moved here a year ago from New Orleans we thought it would be a very temporary location. Then when we found out we have a baby on the way we decided to sign another years lease and leave the home buying search for a later date.
That being said we did our best to find a space with the most character possible in the mostly character devoid city of Houston. We prefer a home with some soul and vintage details and were lucky to have found this very cute, two floor, condo rental with loads of 70s retro hippie charm (diagonal wood board walls, funky built in shelving, interesting layout, patio & balcony etc).
  It was a little rough around the edges, but with some touch ups it is slowly, but surely, becoming home. And now that we know we're staying longer I feel the need to invest a little more time and money into decorating our space. I'm methodically redecorating each room so I have everything just the way I want it when the new babe gets here. With a little less than 2 months left until she arrives our place is starting to feel nearly "ready". Not that I can ever leave well enough alone :) My spaces are constantly evolving as my tastes change, but the foundation usually stays the same.
  These shots are from my Instagram feed where I've been posting my progress bit by bit. It's mostly been about "FreeStyle" where I shift my furniture and decor pieces around in different ways to achieve a more functional and pleasing look. Adding some carefully chosen vintage and thrifted pieces when they are needed and cycling out and donating things that no longer fit. It's an organic process where I always try to re-think instead of buy. I find it so much more rewarding that way :)
  Hopefully soon our space will be complete and I'll be able to take some "real" pictures of the finished product! Until then y'all can follow along on my Instagram to see my latest vintage finds and inspirations.