The Multi-Talented Babushka Scarf

I'm a huge lover of scarves. Scarves of many kinds, colors, shapes...but my fave by far is the multi-talented Babushka scarf. Their vibrant and romantic rose patterns are me through and though. I wear them. I decorate with them. They are my favorite traveling buddies...

One scarf can be worn in so many ways, I wear mine as shawls, bathing suit cover-ups, one shoulder tops, wrap skirts, tube tops, belts, head wraps...whatever I can think of/need at that moment. The options are endless. When you're not wearing it, toss it over a lampshade for a little sexy filtered lighting. They make a fabulous tablecloth or cushion cover. Hang them on the wall or window. They even make a lovely picnic blanket in a pinch. 

I usually find mine at thrift stores but I searched ETSY and came up with loads of gorgeous and cheap options HERE.


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