Beautiful & Nearly Free Holiday Decor

In the holiday spirit (and thrifty and green spirit) here are some pretty decor ideas to make your space into a Wintery whimsical wonderland.  My favorite elements to use in my Christmas decor are both natural and free.  A little creativity goes a long way.  Instead of often expensive and shoddily made store bought (and style lacking) junk.  I go for a mix of pine cones, twigs, fallen leaves, piney tree boughs with some glitter, candles and fairy lights. Big visual impact with small landfill impact is always my aim.

Thrifted clear glass votives wrapped in pretty craft store cut out paper. You could also use scraps of wrapping paper, tissue paper or any other bits of pretty paper you have may have hoarded away like I do. The key is to do a big grouping of them so they stand out. 

Fairy lights are a must.  Any way you use them they create an atmosphere of whimsy and festivity. Even more so wrapped in a vase of twigs or wound around vines. 

I'm going to give this beautiful stick star project a try this year.  Although on a smaller scale.  I'm thinking about six little ones wrapped in fairy lights leading up to my front door will be fun and pretty.  I have some hemp rope to wrap the ends together with to add a natural and handmade look. 

These lovely snowflakes are made from toilet paper rolls!  Simply cut them in cross sections, glue together and douse them in snowy iridescent glitter. Then hang them in the window or dangle them from your fairy light vine swags. 

Glittered fruit! Thrift stores always have tons of plastic fruit or the 99 cent store too. I personally wouldn't use real in this case because I love to eat fruit and this would drive me nuts. Also there is the rotting factor. Pomegranates would look gorgeous as well. 

I think I will give this a try this year as well.  A tall vase full of glittered sticks as a center piece. Maybe with some dangling crystals and pine cones and bits of pine boughs as a base.  

I have a beautiful and bohemian Christmas DIY coming up for you soon!  I"ll be sure to post how these little projects turned out as well. 
Happy Holiday Season!


  1. Going more natural seems to be a theme with a lot of us this year...and you are so right about the junk that is in the store... I love to use German Glass when I can it has a magical look& a little goes a long way...

    Love the DIY idea for the first pic...

    Have a Blessed Holiday...

  2. It does! I feel I am leaning more and more that way in every part of my life!


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