In Living Color

One of the best things about Houston is that there are so many cultures represented here. You can go to certain neighborhoods and feel as if you are in another country. Latin culture is especially predominant here. Amazing restaurants are on every corner and shops full of imported goods (for super cheap) are some of my favorite haunts. Even the dollar stores are full of colorful treasures.
This is a little tableaux I created with the spoils of a recent 99 cent store visit. I needed some items for my Day Of The Dead alter and cleaned up! I got Giant multi colored silk roses, Virgin Of  Guadalupe Prayer candles, a Virgin Mary plaque, pots of succulents, 3 canvases with South West cacti scenes-all for under $20. I even got some amazing produce, neon pink nail polish and a glittery rose headband.

To top my day off I thrifted this chair for next to nothing. The thrifting gods are smiling down on me this week!  Isn't this chair boudoir gypsy deliciousness! I'm on a color high now and can't wait to style this chair as part of some future LookBook photos for my Vintage Shop!



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