Gypsy Travels-The Olivier House Hotel New Orleans

New Orleans Guesthouses, Balconies

 On the corner of Toulouse and Dauphine Streets in the city of New Orleans, sits a hotel. 

New Orleans Bohemian Guesthouse, Balconies

A hotel seemingly untouched by if from another era.

New Orleans Hotels, Small Wedding Venues

 Giant gilded mirrors and sparkling chandeliers hang 
overlooking statues of the Buddha nestled among tropical foliage.

New Orleans Hotels, Small Wedding Venues

     A dimly lit parlour greets you with vintage opulence

New Orleans Bohemian Guesthouse, Small Wedding Venue

    And all the walls the shade of romance-a palest pink

New Orleans Balconies, New Orleans Courtyards

Curling laced ironwork balconies, gas lamps and an overgrown courtyard  

New Orleans Courtyards, New Orleans Pool, Balconies

 The pool a shimmering oasis 

New Orleans Courtyard View

Each of the rooms tucked into a private slightly separate location 
like your own little apartment in the place they call The Vieux Carre...

Some with gardens and fountains and winding stairwells inside...

A room with a view for sure...

New Orleans Guesthouse, Hotel

And some perched up high with netted beds and breezy views of the rooftops...

New Orleans Hotel Room 303 Interior

Every detail your eye lights on, a joy to see...

Vintage Romantic Hotels, New Orleans French Quarter

In this beautiful fairy-tale Guesthouse, we were married and then paraded the cobblestone streets in our Southern finest as the sounds of the Brass Band that led out way echoed through the streets

New Orleans, French Quarter

It will be our home away from home (At HOME)...this hidden gem...

New Orleans, French Quarter

And that way we won't have to miss her so much after all-our heart and souls' home-
The City Of New Orleans.

New Orleans, French Quarter

Disclaimer~ If you are the kind of person that requires room service, someone to carry your bags, shiny new rooms, online reservations etc. This is not the place for you. But if when you travel, your main pursuit is beauty and authentic experience...stay here. 
You will feel after a few days like you live there and you will never want to leave. Trust me.

The French Quarter, New Orleans

The Olivier House Hotel is located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans. Visit their site HERE. (Pay no mind to the prices listed online they have nothing to do with the real room fees) They are extremely reasonable and well worth every penny!

What do you think? Would you stay here?


  1. Beautiful place, especially I like the internal areas with winding stairs and lots of tropical plants!
    Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. Beautifully expressed. I live there as often as possible. It is always a joy to find a Kindred Spirit.

  3. Thank You Dawn! I visited you on your blog and promptly got lost there...I will be back soon. It's just beautiful :)


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