Galveston Gypsy Travels~Vamos A La Playa

One of the things that I Love about being back in Texas is our proximity to the beach. Galveston Island is less than an hours drive away and we go every chance we get. Sometimes we stay at a family members beach house outside of town and other times right in the city at one of the Seawall hotels. I am most definitely a "Coastal" person...For me the Ocean is healing to the spirit. Then there is the fact that somehow Galveston reminds me of New Orleans. I guess it has something to do with it's past glory days mixed with shady dealings, it's beautiful historic homes many of them falling into a state of disrepair and the colorful paint jobs on the Caribbean style cottages. Everywhere there are hints of what once was. The hurricanes over the years peeling back another layer each time they hit. I have to admit I love a little seedy-ness, I prefer a house with the paint flaking off just a bit, with an overgrown garden and some history. Galveston is full of this.
Recently they built the Pleasure Pier, a pier jutting out into the Gulf with old fashioned Carnival rides and games. It reminds me of one of my favorite 80's films-The Lost Boys. And of course there is the Hotel Galvez, one of my favorite hotels ever. Staying there is like stepping back into another age (and they greet you at the door with delicious Sangria-Love This!)
I could tell you so much more but I realize I need more pictures to describe my words. Next time I go I will spend more time in town to take pictures. I'm excited to go back now...too bad it's raining a Monsoon.



  1. As soon as I saw the 1st photo on this post I knew it was Galveston, my home town! I found your blog at random today. Also, I lived in New Orleans for a few years. :) Small world!

  2. Megan! Kindred spirits! Your photography is beautiful, cemeteries are a favorite subject of mine.

  3. Thank you! Kindred spirits indeed! I look forward to future posts on your blog & catching up on some of your past posts.


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