Off Ta Get Hitched Ya'll!

  The blog has been suffering greatly as of late, with every ounce of my creativity being used for my little wedding soiree. We leave for New Orleans in the morning to prepare the last details before the happy day this Saturday. The guests will be joining us to stay the weekend at the Oh So Romantic, bohemian guesthouse where we are also holding the ceremony. Friends from far flung distances that I haven't seen in ages will be there. Namely my nearest and dearest Liddy who just happens to be an obscenely talented lady and will be photographing the whole event. So I shall certainly have some lovely images to share with you . (Which also means I will have to finally post a photo of myself on here-Yikes!)      

  In the meantime I leave you with some images I have collected from all over. None of which are in the romantic old New Orleans theme, in fact quite the opposite. They are just what I have been feelin' on the home decor tip as of late.

  Enjoy...and see ya'll when I get back.

Peace & Love~

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  1. Congratulations beautiful, is wishing you many, many years of happiness.




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