Galveston Gypsy Travels~Vamos A La Playa

One of the things that I Love about being back in Texas is our proximity to the beach. Galveston Island is less than an hours drive away and we go every chance we get. Sometimes we stay at a family members beach house outside of town and other times right in the city at one of the Seawall hotels. I am most definitely a "Coastal" person...For me the Ocean is healing to the spirit. Then there is the fact that somehow Galveston reminds me of New Orleans. I guess it has something to do with it's past glory days mixed with shady dealings, it's beautiful historic homes many of them falling into a state of disrepair and the colorful paint jobs on the Caribbean style cottages. Everywhere there are hints of what once was. The hurricanes over the years peeling back another layer each time they hit. I have to admit I love a little seedy-ness, I prefer a house with the paint flaking off just a bit, with an overgrown garden and some history. Galveston is full of this.
Recently they built the Pleasure Pier, a pier jutting out into the Gulf with old fashioned Carnival rides and games. It reminds me of one of my favorite 80's films-The Lost Boys. And of course there is the Hotel Galvez, one of my favorite hotels ever. Staying there is like stepping back into another age (and they greet you at the door with delicious Sangria-Love This!)
I could tell you so much more but I realize I need more pictures to describe my words. Next time I go I will spend more time in town to take pictures. I'm excited to go back now...too bad it's raining a Monsoon.



Vintage Bohemian Wedding Details

Just stopping in to show you a little collage I did of some of the details of our wedding. I did virtually everything myself- from making the bouquets, boutonnnieres , and flower arrangements to invitations, stationary and even the rose luminaries for the reception. It was too fun to put together! I realized that I would love to do intimate affair event planning (for those fellow bohemian souls out there). Creating a romantic atmosphere is oh so satisfying to me! Of course treasure hunting beautiful and soulful old items from the thrift stores was part of the fun as well. Any excuse to style something! I was thinking of doing a little DIY to show how I made the lovely little "rose luminaries" above-so that should follow soon!
I also have some pretty pictures to share of our trip to the coast this weekend past.  

See ya'll Soon


We Did It!~ Photos Of Our NOLA Vintage Style Weddin'

As promised, here are some of our photos of our vintage styled wedding day. It was on Saturday of last weekend and we are Still exhausted! It's a lot of planning and nerves to plan a wedding-even for a small event of 30 people like ours. Everything turned out better than we could have imagined and it was truly like a magical dream! When I have a chance I will post more of the decor and details (my favorite part to put together, design junkie that I am). 


Free People September Lookbook

 Hey, Ya'll! Just got back from our wedding in NOLA...and we are HELLA EXHAUSTED. It was everything we hoped for and then some...and then some more! It was CRAZY fun! So fun that we have been sleeping for like two days.
So, I just had to post these pics of the September Free People Lookbook as soon as I saw it. Isn't it wicked bohemian beautiful??? It reminds a bit of a period in the 90s when fashion was all about Bohemia for a while there. I am loving that shade of plum in the background too.

I'm off to make groceries ya'll, I've got gumbo on my mind. Pictures of the Weddin' are coming very soon I'm told.



Off Ta Get Hitched Ya'll!

  The blog has been suffering greatly as of late, with every ounce of my creativity being used for my little wedding soiree. We leave for New Orleans in the morning to prepare the last details before the happy day this Saturday. The guests will be joining us to stay the weekend at the Oh So Romantic, bohemian guesthouse where we are also holding the ceremony. Friends from far flung distances that I haven't seen in ages will be there. Namely my nearest and dearest Liddy who just happens to be an obscenely talented lady and will be photographing the whole event. So I shall certainly have some lovely images to share with you . (Which also means I will have to finally post a photo of myself on here-Yikes!)      

  In the meantime I leave you with some images I have collected from all over. None of which are in the romantic old New Orleans theme, in fact quite the opposite. They are just what I have been feelin' on the home decor tip as of late.

  Enjoy...and see ya'll when I get back.

Peace & Love~