Our New Place

 On top of all my wedding planning we just moved back to Texas about a month ago. If you visit here on the regular you know that I had only just moved back home to New Orleans about 11 months ago (I'm serious about the Gypsy thing; my family actually is descended from Irish gypsies. But that's a story for another day.)  I had been all set to stay in my sweet little Creole Cottage for a good long time, but Something came up and we Had to move Again. As usual I poured my heart and soul into gardening and decorating the heck out of a place I would only stay in for a very short time. Whoever moved in after us are enjoying the fruits of my labour right now. Story of my life.
  Anyway, back to my point. Here we are in Houston-where the choices of homes with any age or character to them are slim pickins. There is a tiny historical area with cute cottages but getting your hands on one of them is nearly impossible. So, the other choices were "builder special" beige box apartments or funky town homes built in the 70s. We chose the latter. At least this way there is some character to work with. It has an interesting layout, some painted wood walls, cutouts that overlook the first floor and a mini balcony off the master bedroom and an outdoor patio with banana trees.
   A lot of my furniture is vintage mid-century so it fits well here and I have TONS of light in this place. So I'm channeling a little more hippie in this home (not that it's a stretch) I'm already a crazy plant lady but this place offers the perfect chance to hang plants in macrame and seashell planters all over. Once I get my place presentable I will post some pictures here. These are a few vintage images of hippie-ish home decor with plants galore so you can see the look I'm channeling.  


  1. Can't wait to see what you do...I wish I still had my table (cable wire)...I loved it...

    Happy decorating...I understand about the moving after all the is hard... :)


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