New Orleans & The Rain

  Hey Ya'll. Here to post a few images I snapped over the weekend in NOLA.The first two are of the lush French Quarter balconies and buildings in the rain, a subject I will never tire of. The last two are of the hidden gem of a boutique hotel we stayed in and are holding our wedding ceremony in. It is one of the most romantic and beautiful places ON EARTH, no word of a lie. It's also amazingly easy on the pocket book. I will fill you in on all the details and post more images of it after the wedding.

  Also, I didn't mean to be at all ironic posting pictures of New Orleans in the rain. There is a hurricane possibly heading straight towards it, projected to make landfall on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

  It just happened that way. I evacuated with my family from New Orleans exactly 7 years ago and we have been heart broken ever since. Most of us have still been unable to return on a full time basis. The job and school situations there are still not ideal. The harsh reality is that a storm can and will happen any time. I can speak for myself and many others on this-How do we know the levies will hold this time? How do we know our government won't just leave those without means to leave to drown again? Memories and fears remain very much raw in all of our minds to this day. It could have been yesterday as far as any of us are concerned.

  So here I am, praying that New Orleans will be spared. That we will just keep duckin the blows until we can summon the strength to stand up straight again. And of course it would be nice if our wedding celebration wouldn't get flooded out too. So light a candle for us. Say a prayer. Meditate on it. Just send some good wishes toward New Orleans out into the cosmic plane. It couldn't hurt.


  1. the storm will weaken - the levees will hold - it's all ok.

  2. sending prayers and good energy. the storm will diminish and become disorganized. all is well.

  3. gorgeous lacy balconies! especially i love the third photo with hanging gardens! i pray too for new orleans and the near surrounding areas to stay safe!
    p.s. thanks for stopping by and liking!

  4. You are going to have the most fabulous, romantic, exciting, wedding that town has ever seen. So stop worrying and enjoy!!!!!

  5. Thank you for your positive energy-all you fabulous people!


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