Bohemian /Romantic/ Vintage Wedding Mood Board

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I hate to be one of those bloggers whose blog gets taken completely over by wedding details when they are planning their brain is taken over completely with my wedding details- so I can't seem to blog about much else. Nor do I have the time at the moment. The date is fast approaching (September 15) and I'm scrambling to get everything done in time. Even for an intimate affair there is SO much to think about, especially for a design obsessed type such as myself. I'm doing a lot of DIY to save money but mainly to make it a one of a kind and non-traditional event ( I despise uptight, regimented, hairspray, high maintenance type weddings...yuck.) Anyhoo, I created a mood board to show ya'll what the inside of my brain looks like at the moment...These are all images I have collected from all over- so to check out the sources you can head over to my Pinterest page. 

P.S. Not making any promises here- but if I pull it together enough, I shall try to photograph some of my DIY projects and post pictures and instructions here.
P.P.S. Since I have been planning my wedding, I have realized just how little choice there is out there for us bohemian girls. So I have started featuring some Vintage bohemian wedding dresses in my SHOP. Check back for more dresses, accessories and more coming soon too!

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Love all these tiny lovely pictures together! Oh, Andrea, what a happy upcoming event of yours! Have a wonderful time while preparing! :)

  2. congrats! I know how you feel. I did the same thing...and now I am selling wedding accessories as a result! Seems like it'll be an amazing wedding!!! lovely ideas you have!

  3. This wedding mood broad is awesome. Have attended a friend’s wedding at one of local New York wedding venues. It was very enjoyable and best thing was wedding cake. It was simply adorable and was prepared by best bakery service.


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