Inspirational Home~My Mamma's House

  I have been spending a lot of time in Houston lately, at my mothers very beautiful and bohemian home. You could spend hours exploring and not see it all. Everywhere you look are vignettes of beautiful and interesting objects from around the world. I could also spend hours photographing them, these are just a few of my favorite views.



  1. oh wow! i didn't know she was your mom! she/they are on my blogroll, along with yourself. love both blogs! made a little sidebar image for my fellow bohemians to use and share if you'd like. it's here:

  2. Omg, looks like a house full of treasures and with a spirit of light living! Especially I like the corner with a golden sofa against blue wall with posters, and the next room in sandy colours is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your mother's lovely private space, Andrea! :)Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. How cool - I had no idea that she is your mom! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. :) What a great environment she's created. Love!


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