Our New Orleans Shotgun + Changes

  And so the Gypsy Wind blows only a moments notice, my darlings job has brought us back to Houston. In the usual whirlwind fashion, I packed up our home and found a new one. So for now, Texas is where I will lay my head. New Orleans will wait for me...though I will miss my lovely Creole Cottage, it had such a very special vibe...

In other news my darling and I are engaged and getting married in September! A shotgun wedding with bohemian beauty through and through (In New Orleans Of Course). Just a few of our closest friends and family will gather together for a romantic weekend in an old world and eclectic guesthouse. A short and sweet ceremony in the Victorian Parlour next to the Overgrown Courtyard...followed by a traditional second line parade to The Soiree for dinner, drinks and merriment... 
I might, just might, share some tiny decor and styling details and possibly some photos here...


  1. Happy new home to you...and congrats!!


  2. oh wow! Congrats to you both!
    Nola will always be here for you :)


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