Texas Travels~ The Lost Town Of Winkelmann

  I have been traveling around Texas this week and came across the most curious thing on the side of the road. A curious PLACE rather. An abandoned "town" all overgrown with weeds and falling down. Lace curtains in the windows still and all propped up on cinder blocks...

  I Googled this little abandoned place and it has a quite strange history. Some claim Ray Winkelmann, the "owner" of this little town was run out of town by the neighboring people of Brenham and died shortly after. His partner stayed on and watched over it as it literally fell down around him. According to others Winkelmann simply lost his town to the bank. Either way it is a beautiful and sad place...perfect for snapping some photos. I'm excited in the future to return and perhaps do a lookbook for my ETSY Shop with it as a backdrop!
P.S. I mentioned briefly earlier that the "Gypsy Wind" may be blowing again...or in other words moving is in the air. So back to Texas for a time it seems. "Bloom Where You Are Planted" is one of my favorite sayings... so Mexican Food and Cowgirl Boots it is...and hopefully a little Beach Cottage on Galveston Island...


  1. It is so sad to see such a beautiful place like that reminds me of the old barns here in Maine when they are left to fall in...The stories I bet they could tell..

    Glad you took the photos...just wonderful...:)

  2. Wow, what an amazing place! Looking forward to see how you play with it in future photo shoots.

  3. I just love abandoned places...sad and beautiful all at the same time.I can't wait to return.

  4. I remember when the town was brought in. My great grandmother wrote to tell us. It was a big deal to the country folks.


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