Interior Inspiration~New Gypsy Curtains!

  It's my pleasure to introduce you to the newest Gypsy Curtains created by Babylon Sisters.
  The first is a beautiful Gypsy Shower Curtain in the most luscious shades of reds...

Marrakesh Market
The second is a pair of Bohemian Curtain Panels for your bedroom or living space in dreamy purples...

Arabian Nights
These beautiful curtains are hand sewn around the Gypsy Fire by a very experienced and talented Babylon Sister seamstress. They are amazing quality and one of a kind. Click on the links above to visit the online shop and see more Gypsy Curtains. A word of warning- prepare yourself to be blown away by all of the beauty and creativity! And good luck choosing which pair you want!


  1. I LOVE your curtains!!

  2. She does sew the most amazing curtains...They are gorgeous!! <3

    Nice post :)


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