Get The Look-Hippie Home Style

It seems like lately Hippie style has been resurfacing everywhere, from the fashion world to home decorating.  It's no wonder now that being "Green" and organic are becoming more mainstream household concepts.  What was once mainly only part of the hippie subculture is now being embraced by a much wider audience (Yay! The Hippies were right! )
I grew up with hippie parents and remember my surroundings at home (and in homes of their friends) always being natural and soothing.  Their often unconventional homes were always filled with elements derived from nature.  Furnishings were creatively upcycled, thrifted, found and vintage. 

  Here are some of the iconic "Hippie Home Decor" items that you can collect to create the look:
1.  The Peacock Chair rattan chair. Or any wicker or basket weaved items for that matter. Vintage is of course preferable although tough to find but this is a nice stand-in.
2.  Gods Eye yarn weaving. A handcraft made by hippies representing spiritual meaning. Learn more Here. Make your own of find one on Etsy.
3.  Driftwood. Bring some sculptural pieces home from the beach.
4.  Macrame anything! Wall hangings, lampshades and plant hangers. Find this lamp shade HERE.
5.  Cowrie shell plant hangers or wind chimes. Get This One for only $28!
6. Woven wall hangings. This groovy green and cream lovely is $24 on My ETSY Shop.
7.  Vintage Wooden Crates (to store your record collection).
8.  House plants, house plants and more houseplants!  Spider plants and Stag horn ferns get special mention here.
9.  Natural stones and crystals, my Dad always had big chunks of Amethyst he'd dug up spread around the house.
10.   Peacock Feathers.
11.  Vintage Glass Bottles, find them at your local flea markets and line your windowsills to filter beautiful light throughout your home.
12.  Vintage Cowrie Shell Chandelier.
13.  Line the floors with Rag Rugs like This One.
14.  Abalone Shells for their shimmering natural beauty.
15.  Pottery and ceramics with a natural vibe, like This One.
These are all things that I have seen through the years and many I have in my home now. Can you think of more iconic Hippie home decor? I would love to hear about more!


  1. Hi there! Great list! Here are some more items: owls and mushrooms were two things often featured in home decor and art, piano shawls and scarves were not only worn but used in home decor, bead curtains in doorways, candles, incense burners, astrological & celestial body symbols, anything beaded or fringed, band posters, anti-war/peace posters, low tables and seating arrangements were common, crocheted items...

  2. Great post...I had tapestries & pillows...lots of them...lots of baskets for everything too...:) Herbs hanging everywhere too...Man, we lived

  3. and I can't believe I haven't been following you all this time...:) Love your blog

  4. Ms. Boho Mamaw and Ms. Linda...excellent examples! I'm thinking I might need to do a "Part 2"...and go light some candles and incense!

  5. And MS. Linda, you and your blog have been an inspiration! Glad to see you here!

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