Artistic Inspiration ~ GypsyYaya On Instagram

I would have to say one of my favorite things about my iPhone is the Instagram app. I love having the convenience of having a "camera" with me at all times, since I am always noticing things on my adventures around NOLA that I want to snap a photo of. The options to add pretty filters and share with friends and fam who aren't here are pretty cool too. Here are a few that I took during the week around my neighborhood, Enjoy!

FleurDeLis Covered In Mardi Gras Beads NOLA

Painted NOLA Watermeters Street Art

New Orleans Overgrown Turquoise Doorway

Spooky Old House Uptown New Orleans

New Orleans Purple Creole Shotgun Porch

New Orleans PAanted Water Meter Street Art

Uptown New Orleans Hippie Dome House

New Orleans French Quarter Tropical Courtyard

NOLA Tropical Shotgun House Yellow And Turquoise

Giant New Orleans Live Oak Tree

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