Inspirational Home~Casa de los Colores

  I have seen (and Loved) some of these pictures floating around the internet for awhile and have recently found their origin. They are photos of the home of a very creative and artistically fearless pair near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. To view the entire slideshow in The New York Times visit HERE.


Artistic Inspiration ~ GypsyYaya On Instagram

I would have to say one of my favorite things about my iPhone is the Instagram app. I love having the convenience of having a "camera" with me at all times, since I am always noticing things on my adventures around NOLA that I want to snap a photo of. The options to add pretty filters and share with friends and fam who aren't here are pretty cool too. Here are a few that I took during the week around my neighborhood, Enjoy!

FleurDeLis Covered In Mardi Gras Beads NOLA

Painted NOLA Watermeters Street Art

New Orleans Overgrown Turquoise Doorway

Spooky Old House Uptown New Orleans

New Orleans Purple Creole Shotgun Porch

New Orleans PAanted Water Meter Street Art

Uptown New Orleans Hippie Dome House

New Orleans French Quarter Tropical Courtyard

NOLA Tropical Shotgun House Yellow And Turquoise

Giant New Orleans Live Oak Tree

P.S. You guys can follow along with me on IG and see what I see HERE


Summer Beach Inspiration

  I have a whirlwind of things going on.... visitors arriving to celebrate milestone Birthdays in New Orleans...whispers of the Gypsy Wind talking of taking us to a new city (beach shack may be in order?)...creative projects. So, I leave you with some images to inspire your beach travels this Summer...I'll be back soon when I can gather my thoughts into a bundle...In the meantime enjoy your weekend, go outside, eat some beautiful food, laugh a little, dance a lot...



  Welcome to my first ever GYPSY YAYA blog giveaway! I am lucky enough to be featuring handmade cuffs by the very talented Trailer Park Gypsy. I will be giving away ONE of these 6 lovely cuffs (as seen above) to our lucky winner! In the words of the Trailer Park Gypsy she creates-

UpCycled Vegan, Leather, and Beaded CUFFS & Bracelets, inspired by Trailer Gypsies, Hippies, and Urban Cowgirls everywhere.

Entering is easy, all you have to do is:

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3. Leave a comment below telling us which ONE of the six CUFFS above is your favorite.

We will choose the winner randomly on Tuesday, May 22. Please be sure to leave your email or some way to contact you to let you know if you've won.This giveaway is open to everyone so don't hesitate to try your luck!

Update~ This Giveaway is now closed but follow along and stay tuned for more giveaways coming soon!



Artistic Inspiration~Zalipie, Poland

I found a picture yesterday with a snippet of a bright, flower painted cottage.  Intrigued, I searched for where it came from and came up with these... images of a village by the name of Zalipie in Poland.  I was overwhelmed with the photos that I was able to find.  Picture after picture of this magical village with nearly every available surface painted with bright, folk-art flower patterns!  They paint the outside of the house, the inside of the house, the dog house, the chicken coop, the bridge and the barn; anything that can be decorated-is.  I read a few different theories as to why the women of this particular town do this, ranging from copying the style of a local artist to decorating the whitewash covering the scorching  from open fires. Whatever the case, I have a new travel destination on my bucket list and feel completely inspired to get painting!

Most of the pictures I found seemed to have come from this wonderful photographer's flickr page. If you search Zalipie there is plenty more to be found...


Gypsy Curtain Alert!

Hot pink, graphic brights and fabulous all over! For these and more, visit the ever amazing ETSY shop by Babylon Sisters.


Pallet DIY Love

   There are too many uses for pallets to count. I have used them to build my compost bins and raised garden beds, and am working on a bench as well. They are free and can be found just about anywhere and they would otherwise be going into a landfill. Of course they save me money on building supplies too! Here are just a few excellent DIY pallet projects to try and find plenty more Here.

Add some wheels, throw pillows & slip covered foam for a fab daybed.

Make an easy bench and jazz it up with multicolored paint (this would make a cute coffee table too)

Add wheels and a piece of glass. Voila, magazine and book storage on display!

Hide unsightly trash cans or air conditioning units with free style.

Very cool way to store bikes and free up floor space.

Heck build an ENTIRE PATIO and a privacy screen!

Build a storage bench with rustic style, I would love this on a porch!


New Orleans Jazz Fest

   I spent this weekend at The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ( better known as Jazz Fest ), one of the best festivals New Orleans (or anywhere else) has to offer. It is two weekends of Music, Culture , History and Food, Food and more Food. With 12 stages of music, multiple gourmet food booths, parades throughout the day with the Mardi Gras Indians and Second Line Bands, it truly is an amazing experience for the $50 ticket. If you haven't already, I strongly recommend visiting New Orleans during Jazz Fest for a full immersion class in New Orleans Culture.