Street Art & Bywater Beauties

Ginger Flowers & Bees In My Secret Garden

French Quarter Festival

Surprise Guest

Zip Tie Street Art

Red, Yella & Blue

Vintage Rose

Tropical Compound

Perfect Parking Space

"Rubber Ducky You're The One..."

Citrus Twist

Patriotic Pretty

Any idea what's going on here?

Duct Tape & Lace

Mellow & Yellow

Full Frontal

  Normally I would do an installment of "Painted Ladies" AKA brilliantly painted New Orleans houses.  BUT, I decided to include a few other snippets in the same post.  We spent the weekend with a guest visiting with us in New Orleans for the first time... The majority of our time spent at the French Quarter Festival  (The Largest Free Show In The South).
  I find myself reveling in showing "new" people the city because it is a chance to rediscover things myself...A chance to wander and take pictures at leisure. A chance to inhale the Jasmine, Gardenia and Hot Trash. An aromatic journey featuring memory jolting moments. The sense of smell a mysterious time machine itself. The romantic and the rundown, the beauty and the beast. The City Of New Orleans, My love affair continues...



  1. Pretty pictures! Definitely eye candy :)
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  2. beautiful! I know Bywater very well. :)


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