Home Tour~ My Sister's Apartment

   My Man and I decided this past weekend to take a last minute trip to Texas to visit with Family and Friends. It was a busy couple days full of road side wildflowers, homemade BBQ, Tex-Mex treats and margaritas and relaxed games of corn-hole under the toasty Texas sun. A fully rounded Texas experience.
  Each time I am there I mean to photograph my various family members homes. They each have very cool styles all their own, ranging from the witchy to hippie to bohemian and more. This time I took some pictures at one of my younger sisters apartments.
   As soon as you step into her home you feel enveloped by her cozy and pretty "bitchin" sense of style. Everywhere you look there is something pretty to be seen. Her style is a combination of New Orleans voodoo, vintage boudoir and art nouveau feminism. Even with two kids and she manages to keep her place with a sense of organized calm. It's an oasis where the lights are always dimmed, the candles and incense are always burning and there is always a cat to cuddle up with.


  1. Nice.
    Love that picture of Nita (or Zita?) on the wall.

    oh, and I used to have that very lampshade :)

  2. Interesting house and details. I like that lampshade, too! :)

    P.S. You remember right about that house; the colours of walls were exactly as you describe them. Have you seen Elizabeth's official site? These previous versions are shown there.

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. I have been killing myself trying to find ideas for a headboard. That shot of the bed just gave me an idea...THANKS!


    1. You're very welcome!She is very creative!


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