Bohemian Gypsy Shower Curtains!

    New amazing curtains by Babylon Sisters are here! This time with shower curtains too!  Looking for something to spruce up a boring rental bathroom?  Or just can't find anything unique and gorgeous in the stores?  Despair no more, Gypsy Shower Curtains are here to solve your bohemian decorating woes. Handmade made while sitting around the fire under the full moon light, magic and Gypsy soul is sewn into every pair...

 Haute Hippie  SOLD!

Blue Enchantress

Turquoise Sea

 And...these two new pairs of bohemian panels to beautify your abode.

Rock the Casbah


Get them while you can, they don't last long...


  1. wow! these are sooo gorgeous!!!

  2. Glad you enjoy them! I'm crazy about them.

  3. I so wish Id found curtains like that, this time last year! I've just moved out of a rented place I could customise!

  4. She's always making them...so keep them in mind for the future? :)


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