Natural Swimming Pools

One of my favorite things in this world to do is go swimming.  I grew up in a place dubbed "The City of Lakes", and it was on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.  Pristine, clean and clear swimming spots were all around me.
Here in the South that is not so much the case.  Swimming is something you do only in heavily chlorinated pools and the too polluted for me, Gulf of Mexico.  Did I mention it gets HOT, like really freakin' hot! Which I mostly adore but sometimes you just need some relief. Enter Natural Swimming Pools or Ponds , man-made but built to look and feel like they belong there. Imagine~a perfect swimming hole without pollution, harsh chemicals or bacteria. Perfectly in tune with nature and the surrounding landscape. I dream of these pools...



To learn more about these fabulous Green pool alternatives check out this site~ The Daily Green.


  1. Oh, Andrea, these pools are so welcoming! Beautiful images... I enjoy water but am afraid of learning to swim :))
    P.S. Congrats with your Etsy shop, best of luck to it! You have interesting items featured there.. Love the red curtain and the cushions and...all the rest ))

    1. Thank you for the congrats !! It's been a dream for a while...Splashing around is just as lovely as the real thing ;).

  2. Wow, love these pools! Totally excited about Julie's all saltwater pool at her new apartment!

  3. ugh, you're killing me. we're right in the middle of building a pool. a horrid ordinary chlorinated pool. one i'll likely never use - i's to be able to sell the house later...

    i had ons of cut-outs of natural pools years back. dreaming.... one day we might build what we really want.

    1. One of those babies isn't on my short list either, but hey we can dream right?


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