Introducing ~LA GYPSY YAYA~ My New Etsy Shop!!!!

   I have been wanting to start an Etsy shop to feature my Art and Vintage finds for some time, and finally that time has come. Although still in it's early stages, I'm happy to announce that La Gypsy Yaya  is now open for business! I have much more Art, Handmade items and Vintage items~all with a bohemian twist~to come soon. Here are a few items now available in my shop~


  1. Anonymous3/14/2012

    the gypsy queen mixed that one of yours? how much? it! and oh my gods i want all those caravans!...someday you will find me hundled up in one of those drinking wine over a low flame and writing myself into oblivion!..hahah its good to have goals.....i very happy for you andrea, im sure your store is just amazing.

    p.s were you able to open the file i sent you?

  2. The Gypsy Queen is mine yes... I'm obsessed with the caravans, they are so beautiful...alas they are generally only found in Europe, so I may have to build one myself.Thank you for enjoying dear one. The file was a no go...not sure why?


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