Surf Shack Chic

I'm loving this look I'm calling "Surf Shack Chic". It's all about rustic wood walls, retro furniture, ultra bright fabrics in clashing patterns and bohemian accents. Macrame plant hangers, beaded curtains, mismatched dishes, rag rugs and patchwork quilts are all part of the look.
 It reminds me of summers at the cottages of my parents and their hippie friends, that I went to as a kid, but with a modern twist. The cottages and camps we went to were furnished with castaways from full time homes in the city, stuff you didn't mind if it got a little banged up or didn't quite match. Surf Shack Chic is quirky, fun and relaxed. It's a style I could live with all year long...
How about ya'll?


Garden Cabana

  Today's obsession? Making a backyard "Cabana". I know, I know, I have about 20 unfinished projects around the house going. But- when they are all finally done, my little Creole Crib is going to be fantastic I tell ya'.
  So, my back yard is in need of some lounging space and some shade before the heat hits. My plan is to create some type of tent/cabana/gazebo type thing. I don't want to spend a ton of cash and it has to be something non-permanent since it is a rental. I'm toying with the idea of a driftwood frame covered in bamboo fencing for the shade and maybe some curtains that can come in for the rain. Just need to take a jaunt over to the river to see if I can find the right sized driftwood. Once I get the frame figured out I'm going to fill it with salvaged/thrift store furniture that will give it an indoors-out level of comfort and that way I don't have to worry too much about the weather messing them up. I collected several images for inspiration for my garden lounge, check em out.

These are perhaps a little more grand than what I intend to finish with, but the idea is there. Lots of color, whimsical furnishings and exaggerated outdoor comfort. Love it.


Gypsy 05

Check out this beautifully Bohemian and Gypsy style lookbook from Gypsy 05!