YolanCris Bohemian Wedding Dresses

   This was one of those days where I found something so inspiring, so unbelievably beautiful that it's driving me mental. The source of it all? YolanCris- a dress maker based out of Barcelona, Spain. I can't even believe dresses SO beautiful exist, they are like something out of my dreams. I couldn't choose in a million years. I would have to get married constantly, they are all so lovely (didn't I say they're making me mental?)

I first saw this collection called "Alchemy". They are a gypsy, bohemian paradise. I would have happily died with that, but then I found MORE! 

  This is just a tiny taste of the collections ... Check the site out for yourself for pages of dress heaven.The page is in Spanish but there is an English translation option. No prices are listed, I guess if I have to ask I can't afford it. Sigh, one can dream.


  1. Anonymous8/04/2012

    Hi there,
    I am getting married next year and have fallen in love with this designer! I first saw his dresses on your page. I would LOVE to wear the dress that is second down from the top (the beautiful lace gown where the model has flowers in her hair and is standing against the metal railing). Do you have any idea where I can find this?? I have looked everywhere. I cannot find it on his website. Do you remember where you found it? Or its name or collection year? Thank you so much for your help!!

  2. I understand your pain! I have been trying to find that dress myself(I'm getting married in a month)I originally found it on the YolanCris blog which I found through the website. I also researched like crazy and it seems that to buy one of their dresses you have to travel to Spain. They also start in the $5000 range I believe. Rumor has it- a store in the U.S. will start carrying a select few of their dresses...Sigh. Wish I could tell you more...If you have the bucks you could always have it copied!


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