Rental Kitchen : Before & After

So, here we have my New Orleans shotgun house rental kitchen before.  
A horrible blend of dingy white and 80's peel and stick floor- yuck.
  It reminded me of an institution. Not very inviting at all. 
Also, yes I have birds and no, I'm not proud of it.  They were in desperate need of rescue so they are mine now. I in no way think birds should be in cages but these guys will have to live out their days in one. I'm a great bird Mom, in case you're worried/grossed out. 

I found some shelves left by the previous renters in the storage area. 
My man cut them to size and we added them above the corner cupboards for storage and character.
 Free and easy, and what an improvement. Love me some open shelves in the kitchen. 

Next on the list was these hideous floors. 

We replaced them with about $40 worth of peel and stick tiles in a warmer and more neutral tone.
 It was super easy to do and cheap. 
 It is a rental so we didn't want to invest too much time or money since it's not ours.
Then I painted the walls with a barely there green, so I won't have to repaint when I move out. It really warmed up the room without being too obvious. I painted the cupboards the darkest green from the same paint swatch. I used the cheapest paint option from Lowes, it was still a huge improvement regardless of the paint quality.

So far I have spent a total of $64 dollars on my kitchen redo. Not bad huh? I didn't post a photo of the main wall of cupboards on the opposite side of the room yet because it is still in progress. I haven't settled on a cool and cheap back splash idea just yet and plan to replace (or repaint?) the hardware as a final touch.

What do ya' think? So far so good?

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