Do You Have A Gypsy Soul ?

   I have resolved (In general- not just for New Years) to make time to CREATE MORE. My Mother and I have had a dream of having a shop with our own collaborations of  handmade "gypsy soul" items for a long time. For both of us it is difficult to find time to devote to our creations. She is the Grandchild caretaker so her house is always full of little ones needing her full attention.

    My excuse has been that for 6 years I worked late, late hours bartending in a Latin nightclub in Houston. Don't get me wrong we both love and loved every minute of these things that keep us busy. I had the opportunity to learn to speak Spanish fluently (something I always wanted to do) Working wasn't like working at all.  I was surrounded by people with an incredible Joie De Vivre, beautiful music, dancing and food.  I learned a lot!  Not to mention the place was called "El Matador" and was decorated in deep reds and black and the walls were adorned with paintings of Flamenco dancers and vintage velvet Matadors. Then as luck would have it, the club was sold and then my Man got a chance to take a job in new Orleans. So here we are, back home and settled. I no longer have to work 60+hr weeks, and fall into bed and sleep half the day away from being too exhausted to get up. I have no more excuses. Soooo...

   We have started with our line of Gypsy Curtains that can be found HERE in my mother's vintage shop on Etsy. In the future we plan to add handmade clothing, bohemian Christmas tree skirts and stockings (I have always had a hard time finding these things in a style that would fit my bohemian decor, so decided to make my own) and much much more. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more of our creations!

Arabian Nights Gypsy Curtains
The Age Of Aquarius Gypsy Curtains

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