Busy Bee

  I have been ever so busy this week with projects around the house. I have accomplished loads though! First I moved my compost from my backyard to the side yard to make room for hanging a hammock, no small task! I did a general tidying up of the yard to get ready for time spent outside. We built a raised garden bed and plan to grow as much of our own veggies and herbs as possible this year. I bought tons of seeds and got them started in my back room which is bright and warm like a greenhouse. Did you know you can stick scallions in a glass with enough water to cover the roots and they will just grow and grow? Me neither, but it works! They grow so fast I think you could watch them doing it.

  I am working on staining a new coffee table that has more surface space so I can work on my Gypsy Chandeliers while watching movies. I think I will stencil some Morrocan  designs on it as well to give it some flavor. I will post photos when I complete it. These things take forever in the New Orleans humidity to dry.
  Mardi Gras season is upon us so I am busy mapping out which parades to attend and arranging for various family members (who still stay in Texas) to come home and visit with us. If the weather stays warm then I just might plan a little garden party...

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