After The Rain...Endless Summer In New Orleans

  A few weeks back I wrote about the arriving winter in New Orleans. That seems like a distant memory now as I am surrounded by unbelievably lush foliage and flowers exploding into full bloom. Dormant through the stifling heat of the summer, they are stretching their legs and coming out of hibernation. The warm rains coaxing them to open their buds. Every available crevice is filled with ferns, elephant leaves, banana and ginger. Shrubs that for months looked like nothing more than green dark leaves or barren branches are suddenly laden with giant blooms.

 In the six years I was away from New Orleans after the storm, the memory of just how intoxicatingly beautiful it is, even in the dead of "Winter", had faded. Now my romance is rekindled. I wander the streets with my camera, trying to record the sense of amazement I am filled with at the sights around me.

  New Orleans is most beautiful right after it rains. The way the light filters through the trees and the sun reflects on the water not yet dried. The fragrance of the Sweet Olive trees hangs heavy in the air. It is truly an other worldly experience. The houses are decorated for Mardi Gras, the Carnival season has just begun. Promises of the revelry to come are around every corner.

  It is only the middle of January so a freeze still may come. For now it is an Endless Summer in New Orleans.

  All photos were taken by me.  If you care to share them, please link to my blog.


  1. so beautiful...

  2. Amazing photos and writing! Love this post...

  3. Beautiful photography! Are these lush pink clouds a magnolia or a dogwood tree? Lovely beads decoration!
    P.S. Thanks for following and your comment, so glad you liked! Always welcome!
    XO - Zara

    1. They are Magnolia, and the Camellias are in full bloom also! Thank you for visiting and so happy you enjoyed my photos.


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