Bohemian Elegance

I found pictures of Debi Treloar's Bohemian Elegant London home a while back and had lost the source.  
I found it again and decided to share.  What an ethereal and soulful space!
 The mix of vintage pieces and pops of color on the white back ground is eye candy for sure!
  It is a style I love to look at but could never have the restraint to pull it off. 
 Maybe if I get the beach cottage I dream of one day I will give it a try.  
More about this home Here.
xoxo Andrea


Global Patterns Galore! 2 Ultra Inspiring Spaces

  Hey Ya'll just checking in's been a busy holiday season!  So busy I didn't even get a chance to share my holiday decor.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Any hoo, I wanted to share these two images with you, they are currently blowing my mind and making me rearrange my entire place like a lunatic.  I guess that's why I was so anxious to take down my tree and all.  Out with the old and in with the new!  Wait. Switch that.  Out with the new and in with the old!  I've been scouring the thrift stores for a vintage mid century sideboard like the one in the top photo.
  It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. 
And that blue art glass?  Love. 
The second photo just has so much to love, I don't know where to start. 
 It is just organic and bright and fresh yummyness.  The bamboo blinds, tree, layered rugs and patterns-Gorgeous.  I feel like my dining area pales in comparison.  I've got work to do! 
I have loads of lovely new things coming to my Shop soon  AND  my darling husband gave me a worm compost and a record player for Christmas...can't wait to try them out!  My cup runnith over man. 
Peace Ya'll.
Be back soon to share !


Granny Squares Everywheres!

It's kinda hard to believe but it's official-granny squares are back!   And I have to admit I like it.
I mean I thought a bright vintage granny square throw would be very 'Surf Shack Chic' but now there are accessories of all kinds popping up!  I'm thinking I'm totally gonna rock this look in some way... I have been getting more and more into the 'folk look' so why not?
I actually think I used to have a vintage granny square halter top like the ones above too.  How I wish I knew how to crochet now!!
What do ya'll think? Too much? In my opinion... Never!


Velvet Eccentric

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

Bohemian Interiors, Gypsy Style

I came across these images from Velvet Eccentric today and had to share. They are a UK based duo that redo antique, vintage and retro pieces with sumptuous jewel toned fabrics and glazes. Very gypsy and delish non?


Beautiful & Nearly Free Holiday Decor

In the holiday spirit (and thrifty and green spirit) here are some pretty decor ideas to make your space into a Wintery whimsical wonderland.  My favorite elements to use in my Christmas decor are both natural and free.  A little creativity goes a long way.  Instead of often expensive and shoddily made store bought (and style lacking) junk.  I go for a mix of pine cones, twigs, fallen leaves, piney tree boughs with some glitter, candles and fairy lights. Big visual impact with small landfill impact is always my aim.

Thrifted clear glass votives wrapped in pretty craft store cut out paper. You could also use scraps of wrapping paper, tissue paper or any other bits of pretty paper you have may have hoarded away like I do. The key is to do a big grouping of them so they stand out. 

Fairy lights are a must.  Any way you use them they create an atmosphere of whimsy and festivity. Even more so wrapped in a vase of twigs or wound around vines. 

I'm going to give this beautiful stick star project a try this year.  Although on a smaller scale.  I'm thinking about six little ones wrapped in fairy lights leading up to my front door will be fun and pretty.  I have some hemp rope to wrap the ends together with to add a natural and handmade look. 

These lovely snowflakes are made from toilet paper rolls!  Simply cut them in cross sections, glue together and douse them in snowy iridescent glitter. Then hang them in the window or dangle them from your fairy light vine swags. 

Glittered fruit! Thrift stores always have tons of plastic fruit or the 99 cent store too. I personally wouldn't use real in this case because I love to eat fruit and this would drive me nuts. Also there is the rotting factor. Pomegranates would look gorgeous as well. 

I think I will give this a try this year as well.  A tall vase full of glittered sticks as a center piece. Maybe with some dangling crystals and pine cones and bits of pine boughs as a base.  

I have a beautiful and bohemian Christmas DIY coming up for you soon!  I"ll be sure to post how these little projects turned out as well. 
Happy Holiday Season!


Insta-Casa (Glimpses of our Humble Abode)

I have been wanting to share some pictures of the new dwelling for a while, so these Instagram shots will have to do for now. Our little hippie house in the big city. Nearly every stick of furniture was thrifted for next ta nuthin. The desk, peacock chair and red velvet boudoir chair are my most recent acquisitions- all for under $150! It's so satisfying to find old beautiful things with soul and give them a new life in our home. The bar in the first pic is soon to be replaced with a mid century piece I've had my eye on...and when all the pieces fall into place I will post some 'real' pictures. 
Peace Ya'll


Color Blast! The Interiors Of Neza Cesar

Today I wanted to share some Colorful design inspiration with you and the interiors of Neza Cesar came to mind. She is a Brazilian design goddess with a thing for vibrant spaces with global influences and definitely a believer in the 'more is more' maxim. See more of her designs Here.



Free People Whimsical November Catalog- 4 Fairytales

   Okay, so as I said in my last post I have been feeling crazy inspired by some of the recently released Fall lookbooks. I am a More Is More kinda gal so of course all this embellishment, layering, sparkling, fabric mixing madness has my head spinning. And to add a Fairy Tale Twist? This is too much for me. I am freaking IN LOVE the November Catalog from Free People.
    I had the most difficult time trying to narrow it down to just a few pictures to post. This is one of those editorials that I will treasure and refer to forever. It reminds me of reading these fairy tales as a little girl and how I envisioned them to look in my minds eye- and they did an amazing job translating them! So enjoy these images of Free Peoples' clothing set in the fairy tales of The Princess And The Pea, Snow White, The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Rumpelstiltskin.
  Also, I can't believe I'm saying this but this catalog even made me miss snow. Not just any snow...but snow in the woods. Snow in the quiet, deep woods like where I grew up in rural Nova Scotia. Now I'm all nostalgic. Sigh. 

P.S. All This fairy tale talk reminded me of my Pinterest board called Romantico. You can see my other pins and follow me Here.