My Birthday Christmas Weekend In New Orleans

Lights in the Oaks...sooo pretty,wish I had taken more pictures
but I was too busy enjoying all the whimsical beauty.

Christmas Parade!

Saints Bike

Not sure why I never noticed these guys before

Decked out Balconies

"Floodwall" Burning on the banks of the Mississippi 

It was beautiful and surreal with the choir singing in the foreground

I went to see Artist Swoon's wheat paste installations
 in the Bywater...

They are in front of a house that collapsed just before
it could be made into a musical house....

It would have been interactive where you could
have played the floorboards...

Instead it has become several small structures made from the rubble, all involving some type of musical "instrument".
Some are played by the rain...I hope to get inside and see more before it is disassembled after a final concert Dec. 11.

All photos taken by Me.

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