My Birthday ( & Christmas ) In New Orleans

  This coming Monday is my Thirty-First birthday. Normally I'm not too enthused about my birthdays and getting older, but I have decided as of yesterday to NOT feel that way anymore. I have decided to start being happy about it, to look forward to becoming wiser. I am going to celebrate myself -something which I have never really done before. I'm going to eat as much chocolate as my heart pleases. I am going to drink pink champagne and wear my fanciest dresses. I am going to celebrate all weekend. Luckily, this weekend there happens to also be multiple Christmas celebrations all over the city.
   I started tonight by going to The Celebration In The Oaks. It is a Christmas wonderland of beautiful light displays in and around the majestic live oak trees of City Park. You can sip hot buttered rum or hot chocolate and stroll through the sculpture and botanical gardens adorned with sparkling lights. It was kind of surreal since the weather is still so warm and the gardens were in full bloom-even the roses!

   Tomorrow is the Krewe of Jingle Christmas parade and block party on Canal St. After the parade we will stroll around the Quarter and check out all the fabulous decorations.

   Then to top the day off we are going to a traditional Mississippi Riverside Bonfire and holiday concert in Algiers. This year it's a special one. Instead of a regular bonfire they will be burning an art installation by artist Jana Napolois called "Floodwall". It is a collection of hundreds of drawers salvaged from homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It has traveled around the world and has now come home to be burned as a bonfire in order to let go of the sorrows it represents. Of course this is New Orleans, so food, drinks and revelry will follow!

   I'm not sure what celebrating Sunday and Monday will bring just yet- except of course The New Orleans Saints will be playing Sunday night. Who Dat! Happy Holidays Y'ALL!!!



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