I have a Really hard time with winter, with cold and grey skies and dormant trees. I need it to be hot and tropical or I just don't seem to function right. So, basically I go into hibernation. All I want to do is sleep under mounds of blankets in cozy and darkened rooms. 

  I spent all day nesting, adding darker and warmer colors to the bedrooms. Making sure the lighting is warm and adding plants to keep the winter blues away.

  Adding extra throw pillows and blankets. Even hot tea and red wine and the occasional shot of tequila can't warm me up. I'm like a lizard or something.

Not that it's terribly cold here in New Orleans compared to some places I've lived. Once my blood got a taste of the tropics that was it for me though. I'm officially a barefoot, denim shorts and breezy tops girl all the way (winter clothes is a whole other story).

  So I'm going to layer on the clothes and cook hardy soups and snuggle into my bed and wait it out I guess. Blech. 

  Not that that's the worst thing in the world, I get to bring out all my quilts and curtains and heavy lovlies that are impossible to even look at when it's 100 and holy sh*# degrees.

Cheers to surviving the winter yuckies ya'll, light some candles and incense. Throw a log on the fire, play your favorite music and liven up the place. We'll get through this, we always do.

Today's cozy bedroom inspiration brought to you (mostly) by Pinterest.

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