Cheveux Change?

 I'm having my semi-annual hair decision freak out. Where I feel like I want a massive hair change. I think winter brings it on...

   Usually it looks something like the pictures above. Blondish, wavy, kinda hippie beach-ish. Neither of these pics are me btw...I don't have the guts to post my own pictures quite yet (I'm shy).

I got me some hair feathers and hair tinsel, for something new. They're fun but kinda high maintenance .

  I used to rock the scarf head wraps quite a bit. They're an easy and quick way to get an earth mamma look goin on.
 But I'm in the mood for something different. The problem is- sometimes these "hair freak outs" end up with something I really like, BUT other times I regret my lunatic decisions and wish for it to hurry up and grow out and go back to blonde...

  I'm diggin the ombre thing but I have an aversion to chemicals more and more so I 'm a bit afraid of the amount of processing it would take to achieve it.

   I've been seeing the hair chalking thing a lot lately...

I'll try that out for a non-permanent look. Back in the day I used to do it with red  permanent markers. Yikes!

   I also used to have dreads with beads and stuff in them...

   And a short blackish purple bob with bangs. You name it I've done it.  All except ultra short, I'm a long hair kinda gal.

 I love how all these bright colors look, I had the bright red before. They are a be-atch to get out though. So not sure about that one. Hmmm, What ever shall I do?

Hot pink and Platinum?
Rhianna red?

Disney mermaid? I doubt any of that will be happening. I will keep you updated, and who knows I might even post a photo once I decide!

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