Graffiti Goddess Swoon

 Some pictures of artist Swoon's wheat paste prints and paper cutout street installations. The first three found around the internet, the last three I snapped in the Bywater neighborhood, New Orleans, down the street from my house. I love female artists and street art. The two combined? Swoon ;)
There is just something so great about street art. The fact that it is free for all to enjoy. That it beautifies otherwise ugly urban public spaces. The subversiveness of it. That it is often unexpected-a pleasant surprise. It is such a beautiful form of expression. I'm always super excited when I come across a piece on the street, especially when it's a world famous traveling artist like Swoon. What a treat!



  1. Anonymous8/13/2012

    I am a photographer in and around NYC and I am putting together a book on the way women are depicted in graffiti murals. I think your work is amazing and I have probably already photographed it. Your style looks familiar to me. If you would like to be involved and participate, let me know:

  2. Hi there Anon,
    Although I would love to claim this work as my own, it is unfortunately not the case. These are images of works by street artist "Swoon". Look her up she's pretty badass.


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