Jungle Shower

   I always have been enamored with the idea of outdoor bathing.  Shower, bathtub, river, lake, whatever- just as long as it is surrounded by lush foliage, shards of sunlight on my skin and the sound of birds in the trees around me.  Where I grew up in Canada we often camped (and sometimes lived) in VERY isolated places.  Sometimes, in the Summer you had no choice but to bathe in the lake or nearest babbling brook.  It had a very lasting impression on me, the serenity, spirituality and purity of bathing with nature under the open sky.

   The only problem is... this is not a year round possibility.  Although I do live MUCH further South these days, it's getting chillier.  So the plan is to create the Outdoor Bathing experience inside.  I have a huge window above my bathtub/shower that gets tons of sun.  If you get the timing right your shower is like being in the jungle with the sun shining right through the shower's sprays.  It's the best!   All I need is to add some shelves and fill them with trailing plants and natural elements like shells and polished river stones.  Here are some inspirational pictures to get the mood going...

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