My X Apartment

  I was looking through my photo hoard this morning and happened to find some photos of my Houston beige box x-apartment. Prime example of how just because your apartment has no soul your decorating can make up for it. COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!!! Oh, and MORE IS ALWAYS MORE!
99%  Thrifted or Found. Dogs included haha.
During my Latin folky phase.

My treehouse-esque balcony.
It made you feel like you weren't in the middle of a city 5 million people large.
A mini tropical oasis.

My mood boards and collection of Virgin Marys are always a constant in my decorating.


Wanderlust Bucket List

   One of the many things to do on my bucket list is to do a cross country trip in some type of caravan/trailer type thing. Starting in New Orleans through Texas and the deserts and finally California to the Redwood forest, camping all the way in my very own Gypsy Caravan. I figure I'll have to buy something practical and jazz it up to my liking.
I may end up with just a groovy van.
I could make a pop-up trailer look like this...kinda.
Some Thelma & Louise like scenery would be cool
My Mamma says the desert will surprise and amaze me with how colorful it is...
I'm a coastal person, I can't wait to see the Californian coast...
The Redwood forest is a big one for me, Julia Butterfly Hill blew my mind in the 90's with her accounts
of  protesting the logging of these magnificent trees
The more I write, the more antsy I'm getting to start setting my plan in motion...
Such is the way of a gypsy I suppose. I just arrived in one place and I'm already thinking about the next...


Jungle Shower

   I always have been enamored with the idea of outdoor bathing.  Shower, bathtub, river, lake, whatever- just as long as it is surrounded by lush foliage, shards of sunlight on my skin and the sound of birds in the trees around me.  Where I grew up in Canada we often camped (and sometimes lived) in VERY isolated places.  Sometimes, in the Summer you had no choice but to bathe in the lake or nearest babbling brook.  It had a very lasting impression on me, the serenity, spirituality and purity of bathing with nature under the open sky.

   The only problem is... this is not a year round possibility.  Although I do live MUCH further South these days, it's getting chillier.  So the plan is to create the Outdoor Bathing experience inside.  I have a huge window above my bathtub/shower that gets tons of sun.  If you get the timing right your shower is like being in the jungle with the sun shining right through the shower's sprays.  It's the best!   All I need is to add some shelves and fill them with trailing plants and natural elements like shells and polished river stones.  Here are some inspirational pictures to get the mood going...



   As promised here are the pictures of Betsy Johnson's amazing Mexican Villa. The only images I was able to find aren't the best of quality but you should get the idea. 


Betsy Johnson's Sweet Digs

    I came across these images the other day of Miss Betsy Johnson's old apartment. I remember owning the original magazine they were printed in and worshiping every page, I can't imagine what I ever did with it. Anyway, they are just as fabulous as I remember them ...Enjoy. 
P.S. I know I also have (somewhere) pictures of one of her homes in Mexico, which I promise to share soon. They take the cake for gorgeous, tropical color explosion decorating ( my fave).


Purply Redy Blue

                              Curtains HERE...

   I haven't been much for words lately...I guess that has something to do with people not being able to comment. What's the fun in chatting away if nobody can interact? I'm workin on it ya'll....In the meantime I leave you with photos to create a beautiful mood without words. You should also listen to "Phantogram" while browsing to complete the feelin'. 
La Gitana