The Orange Sweetness

Years ago, when I used to live near the French Quarter I would wander the streets marveling at the beauty of the perfectly aged homes and hidden gardens.  It was my paradise, it was and still is-Magic.  But what really got to me was this smell, this mysterious smell that wafted from behind garden walls and filled the streets with intoxicating fragrance.  I didn't know what it was, there were no obvious signs of blooms that could so profusely fill the I called it the "Orange Sweetness". Years later I came to find out that this beautiful scent was coming from Sweet Olive Trees. They are a small evergreen tree that you barely notice, typical to Southern gardens. You can sometimes barely notice the tiny yellowish blooms yet they they give off the most indescribably delicious smell ....The best way I can explain it would be something like this...

I am so blessed and amazed, since I have moved back to New Orleans that I am Surrounded by these trees. They are in full bloom now and every morning I open all my windows and doors to let my house be filled with the "Orange Sweetness". Life is Sweet!


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