In my family, we have always been believers in the "More is More" approach to decorating. More color, more pattern, more "clean lines" for us-ever-period.
We all have our own spin on the "more is more" idea. Mine, as you already know is Gypsy and Bohemian Vintage with global influences. 

My grandmother's style is in the romantic roses, white and lace direction.

Although I couldn't find the right picture to explain one of Aunt's style , it's best described as mid-century modern, high art with a splash of animal print.

My Mom and another Aunt are kind of a mix of everything with a touch of arts and crafts mixed in.

My youngest sister is an ultra girly, hot pink explosion.

Yet another of my Aunts is a total "Paris Apartment" burlesque boudoir type.

My middle sister is very sexy goth.

Even my Uncle decorated one of his apartments in over the top Art Nouveau glamour.

We all have our signature spin, though we do tend to lean in different directions depending on what our current inspiration is. Whenever I visit a family member's house I come away with a million ideas, they never cease to amaze me with their creativity. I can't wait to see what the next generation will come up with when they grow up. My 7 year old Nieces favorite word right now is "Epic" so I'm thinkin it's gonna be good.

Xoxo Andrea


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