I Need More Coverage- On The Subject Of Room Dividers

   So I live in New Orleans, in a shotgun house...for those that don't know it's one room after another, after another, all in a line. There are no hallways, therefore no privacy. So almost every room (with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom) could be ANY room- You decide. They each could be the living room or dining room or bedroom or office or studio or whatever...Cool-ish. Except, what do you do when a bedroom must be walked through by all, in order to reach other rooms? I mean there you are, on display, sleeping, possibly with your mouth open and what can you do about it? I am trying to come up with a creative idea to create privacy while we have guests that doesn't look rigged up. Know what I mean? A traditional canopy bed isn't really an option as there is a ceiling fan...SOOOO I need some ideas here guys. These pics are all interesting but none quite right for me. A room divider? Too intrusive. Hmmm, I just don't know. Help!!!


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  1. Use your two Ikea bookshelves side by side and create a hallway. On back side that would face the hallway Hang pictures and a small half circle shelf with two wall sconces on each side giving the illusion of a proper hallway.


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