Fabulous DIY Projects

I have found tons of DIY projects online that are to die for, people come up with the most creative things! These are a few of my faves because they are really about making something incredible while using things that may have other wise been trash. These lamps are felted and embellished , did you know you can turn old sweaters into felt?
These are Free People vases mod-podged with bits of fabric which they used for display in their stores. These would go perfect in my house. They are also a great way to re-use some ugly vases!
Gourds- yes gourds- painted and carved and the holes filled with beads or marbles. Love.
Egg carton fairie sweet.
Cereal box luminaries, I just realized most of these DIY projects are "light" related.  I AM  a fire sign , like a moth to the flame...
Embellished chandelier. BLING BLING!

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