DIY Shutter Love

There are so many unique ways to use fabulous old shutters, postcard holder, room dividers , headboard, hung on the wall just for the sake of visual interest. My man even plans to fashion a little storage shed in our secret garden out of them.... Their faded colors and patina land them a special place in my heart...That's why whenever I see one abandoned on the side of the road I'm quick to pick them up, knowing it will find a special place in my gypsy decor.


Dreamy Day Vignettes

Today is cool and damp and earthy...there is an inspirational breeze in the air. It makes me want to wear ethereal clothes and go barefoot in the damp earth in my secret garden. It's a tad too chilly for me so instead I sip tea and cuddle with my dog and kitty and dream up new decorating schemes... 
All photos taken by moi, in my magic New Orleans shotgun.

Gallery Walls

As an artist I have always leaned towards collage in most of my endevours, I suppose that's why I prefer the "Collage" method of hanging pictures as well. I seldom can settle on just one piece of art on a why not all of them?




In my family, we have always been believers in the "More is More" approach to decorating. More color, more pattern, more "clean lines" for us-ever-period.
We all have our own spin on the "more is more" idea. Mine, as you already know is Gypsy and Bohemian Vintage with global influences. 

My grandmother's style is in the romantic roses, white and lace direction.

Although I couldn't find the right picture to explain one of Aunt's style , it's best described as mid-century modern, high art with a splash of animal print.

My Mom and another Aunt are kind of a mix of everything with a touch of arts and crafts mixed in.

My youngest sister is an ultra girly, hot pink explosion.

Yet another of my Aunts is a total "Paris Apartment" burlesque boudoir type.

My middle sister is very sexy goth.

Even my Uncle decorated one of his apartments in over the top Art Nouveau glamour.

We all have our signature spin, though we do tend to lean in different directions depending on what our current inspiration is. Whenever I visit a family member's house I come away with a million ideas, they never cease to amaze me with their creativity. I can't wait to see what the next generation will come up with when they grow up. My 7 year old Nieces favorite word right now is "Epic" so I'm thinkin it's gonna be good.

Xoxo Andrea


Badazz Bedside Tables

A couple of super creative bedside table ideas. Cool Right?

I Need More Coverage- On The Subject Of Room Dividers

   So I live in New Orleans, in a shotgun house...for those that don't know it's one room after another, after another, all in a line. There are no hallways, therefore no privacy. So almost every room (with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom) could be ANY room- You decide. They each could be the living room or dining room or bedroom or office or studio or whatever...Cool-ish. Except, what do you do when a bedroom must be walked through by all, in order to reach other rooms? I mean there you are, on display, sleeping, possibly with your mouth open and what can you do about it? I am trying to come up with a creative idea to create privacy while we have guests that doesn't look rigged up. Know what I mean? A traditional canopy bed isn't really an option as there is a ceiling fan...SOOOO I need some ideas here guys. These pics are all interesting but none quite right for me. A room divider? Too intrusive. Hmmm, I just don't know. Help!!!



Old World White

      It just dropped about 30 degrees here in N.O. in the last 48 hours...still in the 60s probably so, not bad but chilly for here. It never gets much less than tropical but it has got me in a wintery mood none the less. Here are some old worldy and wintery spaces... Off to bake some carrot cake and pumpkin muffins...Bye!