Elegant Funk

A friend told me years ago that she would best describe my style as "Elegant  Funk".... I've found myself in the years since trying to live up to that. Recently I realized that I was leaning more in the "Funk" direction and less in the "Elegant".   
  Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just that New Orleans has re-awakened the need for elegance in me. So it's time to hit the thrift shops to look for some glittering mirrors, shabby chandeliers and lux linens to take things up a level. 

   These rooms are all kind of a Before idea, they are all luvly but could do with a little shine, a little glitz, a little somethin, somethin.

A switch to a fancier lamp perhaps...

A chandelier over the bed in this case maybe?....

Some more delicious fabric on this daybed...

Gilded mirror here would do the trick.

A more fabulous shower curtain... ( Like one of These Bohemian Shower Curtains)
Hmm I see a gypsy lamp with fringe and tassels here, and  a shimmering table runner.


  1. I could see living in N.O. would do that to you. You need a little gild and a little crystal here and there. I just went back to your past posts and enjoyed the journey.
    There is a photo I would like to swipe if I may? of one of the river houses. Let me know. If no, no big deal.

  2. love your ideas in this post - very creative thinking!

  3. Of course you may Mr. Hollywood. I'm not at the point of keeping my photos all for myself just yet.


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