Alternative Living

True Gypsy at heart I always have dreamy places to live on my mind....I have no idea where this lovely is but wouldn't I love to restore her to her original grandeur.
There was a time that that I would have done this...
Or this, but nowadays I require more of a structure. Something like this in my back yard - however -would be heaven.
I love a good tree house, a few of my apartments have closely resembled tree houses in fact.
I have never really been  much of a cave dweller, but in this case I would make an exception.
Hippie house in the city? Oh heck yes. This I could do.
Grand old plantation home in the city? Yes, imagine the garden parties!
Latin flavored artist retreat in the desert? I don't know, always been more of a water person...
Now this is another story...Maybe someday. I'm happy in my little magical New Orleans shotgun. For now....


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  1. we shape our dwellings and then our dwellings shape us...


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