New Orleans River Houses

  It's amazing how long I lived in New Orleans before the storm and didn't know about so many of it's secrets. When you live here you are either an "Uptown" person or a "Downtown" person. They are like 2 different worlds really. I WAS the latter, but when I moved back here a month ago I moved to Uptown and have discovered many new things since then. These "River Houses" are one of them. They sit on the very edge of the Mississippi River Outside the levee! They have zero protection from the rising waters of the river and yet still choose to live there. I have driven past the river levee many times and never imagined there could be homes on the other side...

  There is a biking trail I didn't know about either that runs along the top of the levee and beside these sorta-secret river houses, that's how I first came across them. Now I'm a bit obsessed about meeting someone who lives in one of these "impossible" houses so I can see the inside of them and their (must be fabulous) Mississippi River views.

  This one you can only see the driftwood fence and steps but I imagine it's incredible judging by the yard...Sigh

Some pretty cool spots aren't they?


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  1. Intriguing - I wonder if they were there before the storm - they don't look new...


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