Yard Update! (And Some Shots From Around The Neighborhood)

So here are a couple shots from around my neighborhood that I took while walking my dog. 
This one appears to be a secret artist hideaway in someone's backyard 
(the main house is beige and rather repressed, that's why I say secret).
This is a freaky gargoyle in my neighbor's yard (that I spied while peeking over the fence)
 it has been almost completely been taken over by vines. It looks angry, but I like it.

These are of a French Fountain shop on the corner, 
hard to say if they are open let alone selling anything. Wicked.
Annnnnd...last but not least here are some pictures of my garden looking really destroyed, 
so the after pictures seem all that much better.

What ever will I do with this pile? Building a major compost system is definitely in order ASAP!
P.S. Sorry about the yellow date thingys on my pictures I'll be sure to rid of that next time.


It's now 11 months later and I am finally posting after pictures.  Lame I know.  If you've been following me you know that I moved back to New Orleans 11 months ago too. Well, looks like it's back to Houston I go so I have to post these pictures now (even though I don't feel like it's anywhere near finished). Sob.

Oh well!  Once A Gypsy...Always A Gypsy!

Xoxo Andrea

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